Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An April Fools Day That Doesn’t Suck

When most people think of April fool’s Day, they think of lame jokes, tasteless pranks and other foolishness.

Normally I do, too, but THIS April fool’s Day is turning out to be one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Well, since last Saturday, at least. (My oldest son came down with a pretty mean case of stomach flu at about 2 AM Saturday night and… well, I’ll spare you the gory details, but let me just say that it’s a mighty good thing our washing machine works)

For starters, the mailman rang the bell and delivered this amazing Golden Age Sandman drawing I was lucky enough to buy from the very talented Chris Samnee, along with a bonus sketch of my own character, The Ogre, from my Paranormal trilogy. Thanks a million, Chris!

And then, while I was admiring the drawings, the doorbell rings again. This time it’s the UPS guy, bringing me my artists’ copies of… and no, this isn't a joke...Paranormal vol.3!! It’s finally here! And it looks great, too! Valérie Bigel at Carabas and the printers did a knockout job putting it together, so for anyone out there interested in the book, go run over to your local* comic shop, or and get yourself a copy.

Anyway… my day is off to a great start. No kidding.

Hope yours is, too!

*local if you live in France, that is...


Michael said...

Congrats! Very cool. Can you post a link to those sites? I am not finding it

Dan C said...

Thanks Mike! Looks like I jumped the gun on the book's release date... apparently, it isn't "officially" in stores yet. I checked out and they say the book is supposed to be released in May (!!)
Strange. I'll look into it and post a link when Paranormal vol.3 is available online.
Talk to you soon!

Dan C said...

This just in: I found out yesterday that the book is scheduled to ship on May 13, 2009... so I guess it won't be available until then, even online.

Guess I jumped the gun a bit :)