Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sketches, etc.

No official news to report in regards to my fencing/noir story, but I did have a really productive and busy week. In addition to drawing thumbnails/layouts for chapter three, I finished inks on a page that was giving me some trouble, and even found some time to fill up a few pages in my new sketchbook. Here are some sketches:

Also, the week ended on a high note, as I discovered two cool websites that feature links to my blog.

The first is Tim Miner’s excellent and irreverent Marvel Smartass! site, where he single-handedly (well, okay, sometimes he has help) Mercilessly Mocks Marvel… coMics. (sorry, couldn’t find a synonym for “comics” that started with the letter “M”) Tim has a great fondness for (and vast knowledge of) Marvel comics and it shows. Go check it out!

The second is writer Chris Roberson's site. Chris is the talented author of several novels, including End of the Century and Iron Jaw & Hummingbird, as well as the Vertigo comics I, Zombie and Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love. More information can be found on his blog.

Thanks to both Tim and Chris for supporting my work & adding links to my blog, and I encourage alla youse to stop by and take a look at theirs!

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