Friday, January 14, 2011

CORNERED: The Badger!

A new drawing on CORNERED, inspired by the cover of The Badger #68 (my favorite issue ever, drawn by the excellent George Freeman).

Mike Baron's Badger is my favorite martial-arts superhero of them all. Instead of endless soap-opera intrigues, soul-searching and whiny angst, Badger comics were all about beating up rednecks, demons, and evil karate masters, which to me was a refreshing change. Many great artists worked on the different incarnations of the character, like George Freeman, Jill Thompson, Steve Rude, Mike Oeming, Mitch O’Connell, and the Pander Brothers (just to name a few), and the genre-spanning stories ranged from Bruce Lee-style martial arts tournaments to cameos in Mike Baron’s Nexus comics, with the occasional H.P Lovecraft/Cthulhu parody thrown in for good measure (again, see issue #68). Just goes to show all the fun things one can do with a mentally-disturbed Vietnam vet with multiple personalities who masters “obscure, esoteric, arcane (not to mention abstruse) martial arts”.*

To my knowledge, the last Badger series came out in the late 90's, but the character always seems to come back, so maybe--just maybe--one of these days I'll get a chance to draw an issue. Hey, a guy can dream.

*Excerpt from The Badger’s character description from the inside cover of every issue.

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