Monday, October 21, 2013

The Black Panther

My friend Charlie Harris, the owner of Charlie's Comics in Tucson, Arizona, is holding a fundraising event on November 9, 2013 from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. to benefit the Primavera Foundation, which provides pathways out of poverty through safe, affordable housing, workforce development and neighborhood revitalization. He asked some local Tucson* artists to contribute a drawing of our favorite member of Marvel Comics’ superhero team The Avengers for the silent auction that will be held at the end of the event.

 I’ll let you guess who I chose.

 I won’t be able to attend the event this time around, but the drawing is already on its way across the Atlantic. The original art is about 8 x 10, drawn & inked on bristol board, (see above) and if the person who goes home with it sends me an e-mail, I’ll be happy to send him or her a high-resolution digital copy of the drawing in full color (see below). So if you’re interested in supporting a worthy cause, reading comics and hanging out with some good people, (and if you live in or near Tucson, Arizona) don’t forget to stop by Charlie’s Comics on November 9th !

*for the record, even though I live in France,  I still consider myself a local Tucson artist :)

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