Friday, May 28, 2010

New project...

Here are a few pages of sketches from the new book I've been working on. I just sent it off to a potential publisher a few hours ago... now comes the fun part: waiting. Keep those fingers crossed!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Green Lantern!

Geez, willya look at all the dust around here…

To the untrained eye, one might think that the guy who runs this blog has been wasting his time playing video games or watching TV, but believe me, it just isn’t so. April and May have been really busy for me, and I’ve been working on several different projects that have kept me from posting any new drawings.

I recently finished a dozen illustrations for the Hero System Bestiary source book from Hero Games, which is on its way to the printers as I write this. I’ve also been working on drawing some pages for a book I’m aiming to pitch to an American comic-book publisher in the next week or so. As soon as the Bestiary book hits stores and I hear back from the publisher, I'll be sure to post some art.

As for the big fencing project that I’ve been talking about over the past year or so, I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t managed to find a home for it. I’ve pitched it around to nearly a dozen publishers, both in France and the United States, but have found no takers so far. I haven’t given up yet, though, and will keep you posted on how things turn out.

In the meantime, though, here's a quick sketch of Green Lantern, one of my favorite Silver Age characters...