Friday, August 19, 2011

DC Fifty-Too!

In early June, my friend Jon Morris asked a whole bunch of cartoonists, doodlers and comic book artists to participate in a cool comic book cover project he was putting together, in response to DC Comics' massive relaunch of their entire comic book line (scheduled for September 2011).

We were all asked to create a cover of a comic book we would have liked to see, and I immediately called dibs on Detective Comics, featuring one of my favorite DC Comics characters ever, The Crimson Avenger.

Well, the DC Fifty-Too! website went live just a couple of days ago and some seriously amazing covers have already hit the web. If you like comic books, DC Comics characters, or even good drawings, do your eyeballs a favor and go check it out.

Here's mine:

I drew my cover a few weeks ago while visiting family in Arizona, and used my dad's computer and extra-fancy version of Photoshop to color it. Now that I'm back home, though, the colors look a lot darker than what I'm usually comfortable with. I dunno, maybe it's my monitor, but I'm thinking I should have put the Photoshop palette file I usually work with on my pen drive before hopping on that plane to Arizona.

Anyway, just for fun, here are a couple of drafts of the cover that didn't make the final cut, as well as some older Crimson Avenger sketches I posted on my old blog a few years ago. I'll let you choose the ones you like best.

Now seriously, get out of here and go check out DC Fifty-Too!