Friday, February 1, 2013

Teaser Alert 04: Oni Press

A couple of hours ago, I turned in the final pages of the graphic novel Jamie S. Rich and I have been working on for Oni Press, and I'm still kind of in shock. I can't speak for other cartoonists, but for me, finishing a book always feels weird... it's hard to describe. The closest thing that comes to it is dropping your child off at school for the first time. You're happy and sad at the same time-- happy that he (or she) is growing up and discovering new things, and sad to realize that a chapter in your life has just closed. (And that's where the comparison stops, because comic book pages don't hold their arms out to you, sobbing "Daddy! Daddy!" when you let them go. Which is nice.) The book is now out of my hands, and I hope you like it. I've said this before, but Jamie's story is just amazing, and it was a real pleasure to draw. It took me a long time to finish--almost exactly two years--but I can honestly say that I did my best. Feel free to check out the Oni Press website for official release dates. Thanks for stopping by!