Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Watchmen

Yeah, so I finally got around to seeing The Watchmen movie the other day. Everything worth saying about the film has already been said elsewhere, in both magazines and on the internet, so I’ll spare you my soapbox analysis. All I can say is “I liked it.”

I liked the cast, which I thought was dead-on, especially The Comedian, Rorschach (where did they find that guy, anyway? He was perfect for the part) and both Silk Spectres. I liked the opening scene with the Comedian, the retro-flashback opening credits and seeing how they did the black spots on Rorschach’s mask. I liked seeing how the director interpreted the different scenes from the book, and since I’d re-read my dog-eared copy of the graphic novel before going to see the movie, it was fun hearing dialogue and plot elements that were still fresh in my memory. In short, I thought it was a good show. It can't--and never will--replace the graphic novel, but it was definitely fun to watch.

Here are a couple character sketches. If you don’t know who these guys (and gal) are, I can’t encourage you enough to go buy the graphic novel and find out. Preferably BEFORE you go see the movie!

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