Monday, June 1, 2009

Golden Age Shoot-out (recap)

Over the past few years, talented writer-cartoonist Jon Morris and I have been involved in a friendly, occasional cartooning joust, where we challenge each other to drawing different comic book characters, panels and/or covers from the 1930’s -1950’s, the period commonly referred to by comics fans as “The Golden Age”.

I finished my drawing for Round 9 and will be posting it tomorrow, but before I do that I thought I’d post the earlier entries, for those of you who didn’t catch them the first time around on my old WordPress blog:

Round 1: The Hourman

Round 2: The Atom

Round 3: The fully functional Hawkgirl paper doll, with two costume changes

Round 4: Batman (circa 1939)

Round 5: A bust of Mr. Terrific

Round 6: Golden Age Green Lantern (pencils and color by me, inks by Jon)

Round 7: The Vigilante

Round 8: Re-draw a splash page of All-Star Comics #33

The original:

See you tomorrow!

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